Monday, April 4, 2011

Exploring the Estuary

Keep Out

Yesterday we packed up the kids and headed off to one of my favorite local trails but when we got there we found that the bridge heading into the estuary had been fenced off.

Foot Bridge

It's hard to believe that this weathered foot bridge used to be a single lane bridge that I drove my car across four times a day, three times a week to reach an elderly woman I did home nursing for. Over the years the decking started to deteriorate so they built a foot bridge over the old bridge but it is getting soft in spots and sometime this summer the whole thing is going to be removed. Hopefully they will replace it but that is still not a sure thing.

Keep Out

Of course us local yokals don't get scared off by a few signs with bold red lettering and we skirted around the edge of the fence and headed on into the forest *grin*.

Foot bridge

To be on the safe side we did go single file except for the little guy who went along with his daddy :)


As we wandered through the forest we were surrounded by amazing old growth trees. They are true giants!


This one was actually completely hollow inside and was big enough for all three of my kids to fit in and my dad for a photo. So much fun!

In Its Place

Where the old cottage used to stand there is now the above sign with all sorts of information on the different plants and animals that can be found along the trail. When the elderly lady that lived here passed away the property was donated to Ducks Unlimited and all of the old buildings were removed so that the grounds could return to their uninhabited state. I used to stand in this very spot when it was her kitchen and stare out the windows watching the river, swans and deer pass by. So many fond memories.... now only stories to tell to my children.


Just past the old homestead site is the estuary :)


The kids had fun exploring the grassy banks of the river. It wasn't long before the rain started though so we had to head back into the forest to take cover *grin*.


As we wound our way back around the loop to the main trail we took our time checking out all of the different mosses, poking and petting each one and talking about how they were all unique.


This tree always draws a lot of interest when we visit to as we try to guess what sort of animals may have been gnawing away at its pulpy insides :)

Hitching a Ride

So many things to investigate along the way. The poor little guy got all tuckered out towards the end though and Hubby was more than happy to carry him like a good old sack of potatoes *grin*. What a turkey!



Forest-Dweller said...

What a great story to hand know the woman that lived there. And what beautiful photo's. I am a huge tree lover so I really enjoyed those photos.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the walk with you and your family! So interesting when one knows the way things were, that now are gone and will never be the same way again. Yes stories to tell the kids and g'kids!

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