Friday, January 22, 2010

Pink Pearls & Fur For Your Baby

Paris in Pearls & Fur

I was going through old photos tonight and I came across my pictures of the dog clothing that I used to make and sell for the mini breeds like chihuahua and papillons :) Above is precious 'Paris' modeling one of my pink pearls and fur coat and hat sets. Isn't she adorable?!

I had so much fun making all sorts of different dress up outfits. It's hard to believe that most of them were custom jobs and all I had to work with were measurements that owners sent to me and I would sew furiously creating their clothing all the while praying that it would fit just right! *grin*

Mini Outfits for Chihuahua's

I must say no one was ever disappointed so I was definitely doing something right! LOL. Here are more of my creations that I found in my old photo files. There were full length dresses with wrap around sashes, summer halter tops and I even made bathrobes that I would customize with your babies name appliqued on the bottom hem :)

More mini outfits for Chihuahua

I think these two were my favorites though. The pink polka dotted one had a peter pan color and thick belt, and it was fully lined with the pink dot fabric. While the tutus were trimmed with rhinestones and finished with poofy tuille and satin tutu tufts :)

There were about 20 different styles and I made sure that I kept one of each of them *grin*. In my craft closet is a little tote with all of these little outfits, miniature sunglass goggles, and rhinestone necklaces that I would accessorize with.

What do you think... when I'm ready to use them again will they be in style? Haha, my husband thinks I'm a complete fruit cake for even entertaining the idea of dressing up my dog, but those little ones just look so cute in pink pearls and fur :)

~ Rosina


Jenn4him said...

I think they are awesome! Go for it. Maybe my cat would tolerate something like that? No, probably not. She has claws.

Anonymous said...

My daughter loves your dog and her outfit! Just adorable!