Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Weenie Roast


With all of the mild weather that we have been experiencing and absolute lack of any sort of snow or freezing it has made it perfect for doing some grounds maintenance around our property. My dad is seriously the happiest while he's outdoors doing something strenuous so he's been chopping firewood for us and cleaning up all of the brush and blown down bits in the lower fields. Of course you've got to do something with all of it once it's heaped up so we had a bonfire today :)

The kids just love when he burns and my oldest headed out first thing in the morning to help prepare. The rest of us wandered out around lunch with our sack of wieners, buns and drinks. I must admit that I hate to buy hot dogs so when I do there is a pretty big hub bub about it and it added to the excitement of the day *grin*.


After all of the mom anxiety finally calmed as I watched my youngest so lovingly referred to as my 'wild child' run off wielding a pointy stick with a drooping weenie hanging off of it, and I prayed that he didn't trip on a stick and land himself in the fire things went really well *grin*.

Mmm, mmm. Nothing like a charred weenie slapped between some bunage! LOL

~ Rosina


Daisy said...

That looks like FUN! We've had all your crazy weather and it looks like you might have mine. ;-)

I'm not much of a hot dog fan unless it is CHARRED and buried under mustard.

Jenn4him said...

You have to live a little. *grins* I wish I would have thought to grill out tonight. At lunch time it was 55F. The cold is coming back and we may have snow by morning.

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