Sunday, January 3, 2010

Scallop Coquilles St. Jacques

Scallop Coquilles St. Jacques

My sister was able to make it up today for my dad's birthday so we had a belated birthday meal for him :) I wanted to make something really special and fun for him so I tried out a new recipe that I had come across for Scallop Coquilles St. Jacques. Mmm, so delicious!!

Basically it's scallops in a white wine and garlic sauce but I decided to get a little more creative with it. I'm so terrible with recipes.... never seem to be able to just follow the instructions *grin*. I added in prawns, gruyere cheese and for the topping I went with Panko bread crumbs instead of the plain old crumbs along with more gruyere and green onions.

If you haven't tried Panko bread crumbs then you have to get some! They're a Japanese crumb and have this amazingly crisp and crunchy texture when they are cooked which is very nice. I've been using them on my homemade chicken strips for the coating and they are really great for coating halibut in for pan frying to :)

My dad loved the new dish and I'm definitely going to have to jot down what I did before I forget so that I can make it again!

~ Rosina

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