Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marie Claire Idées

Marie Claire Idées Magazine

I have been thoroughly enjoying my new December 2009 copy of the Marie Claire Idées Magazine :) Good thing I can pick out familiar words and fumble my way through the text since it's all in French and I am not exactly anywhere near fluent in French! No need to read it though, the photos more than make up for the lack of understanding.

Stamps ~ Les Poupées de Collection

I purchased it from a lady in France and when I picked it up on Friday the envelope had this amazing collection of dolls on a special postage stamp set affixed to it. LOVE it!!

The stamp set is just as much fun as the magazine with it's thread work around the edges and embroidered flower heart between the dolls. Beautiful :) I must keep it for sure *grin*.

Marie Claire Idées Magazine

Oh my! The most amazing places to visit while in France. The architecture and history of it is amazing. I am definitely going to have to include some of these stops in our itinerary for our trip to France!! My mom and I are planning a trip to Paris and I can't wait. Anyone know of some 'must see' shops that we shouldn't miss? I'd love to know :)

Marie Claire Idées Magazine

I just love this pretty pink crocheted tea cozy. It's adorable! Tucked within the pages of this issue is 'sugar fairy' heaven :)

Marie Claire Idées Magazine

I could take a hundred different photos to share with you but I might run out of space *grin*. Many different dinner settings and some amazing recipes to try are still waiting for me to drool over. Not to worry though. When I run out of pages to admire I only have to wait a little while longer for the January issue that is en route straight from France to captivate my imagination some more!

~ Rosina

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Jennifer Hoots said...

Wow, a trip to Frace! The magazine looks very inspiring. I can't wait to see what you create.