Friday, January 15, 2010

A Granny A Day 2010 ~ Crochet Challenge

a granny a day 2010 :: the first 14, originally uploaded by meetmeatmikes.

Pip over at the fabulous Meet Me At Mikes blog has started up the 'Granny A Day' challenge again and of course I'm game for anything that keeps my creative consciousness rolling *grin*. Actually I think this will be a great family project and I'm going to get the kids involved to. The more the merrier!

1973 Women's Day wall hanging, originally uploaded by kokkole.

I ran across this really cool afghan while searching for granny square patterns. I just love the mix of squares and circles! Maybe I'll aspire to creating something similar :)

I'm pretty proficient as a crocheter but it's been a long time since I've done a granny square. I made a pink and white dolly blanket using them when I was probably around 8 or 9 but I don't think I've made one since :) Pip has put together a really great tutorial on how to make a granny square even if you have never crocheted before so if you're interested in trying one out you should definitely pop over and have a look at it. There's video links and everything!

I found a couple sites to that are loaded with multiple sized granny squares to get me started to at:

and there are tons more. Just do a quick google search for free granny square patterns and you'll find loads of them. If you need some visual inspirations there are some really great flickr groups to that are all about granny squares at:

Now all I need is some yarn and we're in business!

~ Rosina


ArtMind said...

Hehe, we posted about the same thing today! Enjoy your project! :)

Dee said...

You can also try my friends site here
Great patterns for grannys

Rosina said...

Hi Dee :) Thanks so much for letting me know about your friends site. I just LOVE the happy face pattern! So cute :)

Jenn4him said...

So, how is the challenge going? Do you make one a day or several at a time? I think you're going to have something very special at the end of the year.