Saturday, July 17, 2010

Real Food Community

egg shells

I love food... don't we all?

I especially love to learn about good food, most importantly whole foods and now I've come across a fantastic new group of blogs known as the Real Food Community. These bloggers are passionate about sharing about traditional foods.

Like the saying by Michael Pollan ~ "Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food." Sadly there are way to many foods that our grandmothers would never recognize today and I think that we need to move back to those unprocessed, recognizable foods and ingredients of yesteryear and stop being tricked by misleading claims found on so much of the packaging found in supermarkets today.

Needless to say I am really looking forward to digging further into some of these new blogs and the best place to find them so I'm told is to start scoping out the Real Food linkups that happen each week. They're loaded with oodles of great articles.

Food Renegade
Fight Back Fridays @ Food Renegade

Real Food Wednesdays @ The Kitchen Kop

Wholesome Whole Foods @ Health Food Lover

Others that were recommended as must read blogs are:

Nourishing Days
A Moderate Life
Kitchen Stewardship

This is going to be great! I am really looking forward to all of the new recipes to *grin*. Actually now that I mention recipes I found another blogger through the above link ups that loves Kohlrabi as much as I do and now I have 2 new recipes to try out :)

If you know of more Real Food bloggers that I should check out leave me a comment I'd love to know.

~ Rosina


Lynn said...

Thank you for these blogs!!! We are making some major dietary changes and eating more natural foods is among them.


Michelle (Health Food Lover) said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog carnival Wholesome Whole Foods and mentioning my blog Health Food Lover.

Some great blogs you've listed there!


Anonymous said...

This is great. As you know...this is pretty much the only way we eat. I'm looking forward to having new recipes to try as well. :)

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