Monday, July 12, 2010

Gold River

gold river

I've been totally absent again for a couple of days but I promise I'm not ignoring you all *grin*. We hitched up the trailer to head off camping along the Gold River on Friday morning and meet up with hubby's family. There's only one word to describe the weather.... SCORCHING!!

We knew the forecast was for the high 20's low 30's but when we arrived on Friday it had actually clouded over and even sprinkled a little. I had teased everyone that I had done the rain dance before leaving home because I really didn't want to get caught in the dead heat! No such luck. By Saturday the sun was back in full force and it was a sweltering 34 degrees in the shade and I heard someone say that the humidex made it more like the 40's. UGH, I so can't do heat :(

gold river

The kids seemed to fair okay in the heat and we tried to keep them extra hydrated with water. Their poor little bodies were so sweaty that the dust just stuck to them instantly as soon as they left the camper *grin*. K had fun playing with his cousins as my SIL's youngest is only 4 days older than him :) So they played in the tent, drew board games with crazy rules and wandered around the campsite.

gold river

My little princess stripped every huckleberry bush in site and even tried her hand at making huckleberry juice by smooshing them up and putting them in her drink bottle *grin*.

gold river

Where we camped it isn't far to the harbor where fishing boats and tugs can be found tied up...

gold river

and they have a fair sized dryland sort and booming ground as well :) I always love to see the machines working with the logs. It reminds me of the haydays here when logging was the driving force of our community. My dad was a heavy duty mechanic and fixed the old off road logging trucks and machinery and one of his friends would take me out in the logging trucks every summer. What a blast!! Some of the roads that we took were so narrow that it felt like you had no road to drive on, and then there was the thrill of spinning around in some of the log loaders that clung to the mountainsides like spiders *grin*. There definitely was never a dull moment out in the bush!

gold river

Air Nootka also operates out of harbor and the kids got to see one take off while we were there :) Now if only it hadn't been quite so hot it would have been a perfect trip LOL.

I was so happy to finally make it home to the cold and windy north. As I type this the sky has partially clouded over and the wind is screaming in through the windows so hard that it's making everything on the counters and fridge fly all over the place. I am not going to complain because that icy cool wind feels FABULOUS! *grin*.

Hope you all had a great weekend to :)

~ Rosina

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Unknown said...

looks like a beautiful place to camp... Love the pics. Hope you are having a great week END! Mica