Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave


Oh my word... we are in the middle of our first heat wave of the summer season. It was a blistering 31 degrees today which is a total body shock when you've rocketed there from something like 15 degrees the day before *grin*. I know some of you are thinking wimpy, wimpy, wimpy but I'm a cold weather girl and must say I just melt when it gets this hot :)

We spent most of the day indoors trying to keep cool and the forecast is for a couple more days of this until we might get a little bit of cooler weather again. It will give me some time to work on some of my sewing projects *grin*. I've actually been thinking of digging out all of my christmas fabrics that I want to turn into fabric bags for the holiday season. Last year I started making things to stock the shop with in October and it just wasn't early enough so perhaps starting in July will do the trick this year!

I've got my eye on a few vintage hand crank sewing machines on eBay to right now :) My mom has an older treddle singer sewing machine that is in a large cabinet and we've been playing around with it a bit but I thought it would be a lot of fun to just have a table top model that I could pack with when we go camping and L and I could do little quilting projects together without the need for electricity. There always seems to be a lull in the days while camping when she has run out of bugs to follow or trails to explore and I know she would just love to sew with me :)

Ahh, I think I can finally feel the heat subsiding a bit as the sun has completely slipped away now and the darkness is enveloping our home. Hope you all aren't getting to roasted by the sun to :)

~ Rosina


paula said...

I, like you, am a cold weather girl . . .I can put on enough to keep warm but NEVER take off enough to cool off in the heat.

Staying inside sounds like a good idea until the heat passes :0}


Kristy said...

Me roasted by the sun? Our weather is to be 115 most all week. ugh....

Sandpiper said...

I don't do well in the heat either. It just slows me right down.
Hope you're enjoying the Summer otherwise! (You don't school year round or do you?)

Unknown said...

Keep cool! I am in Cali and I melt in the heat too! We have the air on as we speak...Happy creating.... Enjoy your week...Mica

Anonymous said...

Our heat wave is coming in and I'm already worried. I'm feeling miserable already with the heat and want Fall to come quickly.

Stay cool!

tongfengdemao said...

I like the heat, though I wasn't all that happy to be stuck in traffic in it. 95º+ (35º+C) I'm so grateful for the sunlight and warmth. I could tolerate cold better if it came with sunshine.

I never thought about a hand crank machine. Brilliant! Once, when I didn't have access to a sewing machine, I ended up making a dress by hand. Made me appreciate our ancestors more, but it was also very calming to sit and sew by hand.

Sew Many Blessings
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genie said...

My way was to sit in the creek that runs through our property though there was not much water in it. It may have all been in my head, but I did feel a bit cooler. 100 degrees in the mountains of VA is a bit high...especially when we have NO air conditioning in the house. Too bad I am too old to run through the hose like the grandkids.....hugs, Genie