Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beating the Heat


The mercury continues to rise around here as the heat wave continues so we had to come up with ways to beat the heat. Not to hard for me as I don't mind staying inside and sewing. I cut out a new dress for L and got the bodice all pinned up and sewn. I just love the turquoise and pink mixed together :)

Staying cool

The kids on the other hand headed out right after breakfast to play in the cool morning air and filled the kiddie pool up with cold water from the well. Oh my goodness was that water cold!! Just a couple of dips in and out and they were all shaking and shivering. Definitely beat the heat for them LOL.

keeping cool

It was like a day at the beach except there was grass instead of sand *grin*.

~ Rosina


Unknown said...

looks like a great Summer day. I can't wait to see the dress finished. I just did a post on a couple of my recent sewing projects too! Stay cool! Love the kiddy pool! Hugs,Mica

Sandpiper said...

Give kids a little water and they're happy!!
I'm sitting on the computer with a fan pointed at me!