Monday, July 19, 2010

Nature Spotting

black bear

There have been quite a few cougar sightings again near our home but fortunately we haven't come across one but we have seen TONS of black bears. They just seem to be popping up everywhere! A couple of years ago we had a run in with one we lovingly named 'Dennis the Mennis' which some of you will remember reading about as I chased him with pots and pans, watched him stand on my front living room window and I even had boogers blown on me by his evil counterpart that was caught in the bear trap placed in our yard *grin*. Yes it was definitely something I will never forget or the kids! Cute and cuddly... I think not.


We've also had a pair of barn swallows that decided to take up residence in a fan outlet on the side of our home this spring and have so far successfully raised two batches of babies but I have never actually seen the nest! I'll be in the bathroom doing my hair or brushing my teeth and I can see the parents swooping in at break neck speed followed by the frantic peeping of the babies. It's sort of fun to listen to but all is silent now so I'm sure they have all left the nest again.

While visiting my cousin last weekend though we got to watch the above swallows in the most incredible nests. Just look at the structure of that one! It's amazing, like a mud pillar *grin*. Her entire home was covered in the nests anywhere there was a spot under the roof that would accommodate a nest :) I just love watching birds with the kids but I think now that the nesting spot on our home is vacant I'm going to plug the hole with some chicken wire to keep them from returning. I'm not sure what sort of damage they could eventually cause so unfortunately they will have to be evicted.

trout fishing

The boys have been trout fishing again and they have a bit of a competition going on to see who can catch the largest trout. K was in the lead but I think on their last trip he was topped by Opa and now he must try extra hard to catch that big one that got away *grin*.

They have so much fun going to the lake together and recounting stories of lost bobbers, tangled line, rain squalls that plague every trip and don't ask me how they do it but they have each completely wrecked their rods at least twice. There's got to be some really hard fishing going on in order for reels to fall right off! LOL. Oh well, it's all in the name of fun right?!

How about you, what sort of nature spotting have you had the pleasure of seeing?

~ Rosina


Annie said...

Goodness that's some excellent sightings. Apparently there have been bears here on Kaien Island which isn't all that common. A friend came across one on the local trail I was on the other day.

I wonder if there is some other option you might be able to offer the swallows. Aren't there bird houses made especially for swallows? Maybe you could make one. Sucks to evict them but you don't want damage to your house!

I'm heading back to my cabin this weekend but for a music festival. I'm still hopeful we do some wildlife viewing as well but there will be more trips in the future in case we get too wrapped up in the dancing...

Lynn said...

Wow! Sounds like you have a lot going on. Stay safe!

Unknown said...

ahhhh Bears!! How neat... kinda scary, but neat! Love the Barn Swallows...their nest is so neat looking! Looks like you had a Nature sort of day for sure! Even the ooey gooey fish! Mica