Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Canning Cherry Jam

cherry jam

I finished canning my cherry jam last night and am pleased as punch with how it turned out :) I've been making pectin free jam the last couple of years but I've never made a cherry jam so I did some looking on the internet to see what I could find but pectin free recipes are far and few.

I usually use apple to replace store bought pectin but from what I could find lemon was the fruit of choice to combine with the cherries so that's what I did *grin*. I used 4 cups of cherries total per batch, 2 cups roughly chopped in the food processor & 2 cups of halved cherries plus 1 lemon rind and all the juice. It smelled awesome!!

cherry jam

Next was to get that perfect jammy consistency :) The best way to tell when your jam is ready to be put in the jars is to do a simple spoon test by placing a spoon of jam in the freezer for a minute and then pushing the jam up the spoon with your fingernail to see if the jam wrinkles and stays put. If it does that then you're finished!

cherry jam

I passed the spoon test 3 times and now have 15 jars of yummy cherry jam... make that 13 as we have done a wee bit of taste testing *grin*.

Are you canning any jam this summer?

~ Rosina


Unknown said...

yummy! We will be canning some rose jam before Summers end....I have made strawberry and apricot thus far. This sounds delish!!!!Hugs,Mica

Annie said...

That looks so amazing! I so want to make some too. I wonder if we have cherries...