Thursday, July 22, 2010

Down by the Bay

Down by the Bay

Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow. Back to my home, I dare not go. For if I do, my mother will say, "Did you ever see a boat riding a goat?" Down by the bay. *grin*

We live only about 10 minutes away from the ocean and quite often we pack up our markers, coloring pages, books, binoculars, journals or whatever else we might want and head down the the wharf for the afternoon.

Down by the Bay

It's a great way to spend the afternoon getting out of the house but staying close to home :) My oldest loves boats and never tires of sketching freighters, tug boats or fishing vessels that are coming and going out of the marina and this time of year there are always lots of people fishing right off the large dock.

It was quite busy this afternoon when we were there as lures were being cast and excited screams were let loose as someone thought they just might have caught one! Quite a few times there was mad dashing with a giant net but we never actually got to see anything landed on the dock. Oh well there's always next time :)

~ Rosina


Unknown said...

sounds like a fun day... I would love to see the sights there.... I got your comment, thanks so muc. I got the mattryoshka fabric from here:

The flower fabric I found at Joann's Fabric Store...It was a fun bag to make... I will be finishing up her tunic blouse later to stinkin' cute!

The purse pattern is by Simplicity 2381...there are 5 different purses to make and their all sooooo fun looking.

Let me know if you have a hard time finding them... Maybe I can help...Hugs,Mica

Kristy said...

So green.. I so miss the green of the PNW.

Sandpiper said...

I like living close to the ocean as well, although we don't live as close as you.
I was wondering how to add that little gadget at the end of your posts for sharing on facebook, twitter etc. I'd like to add it to my blog, is it in the 'gadgets' section?

Jennifer Hoots said...

Looks like it may be cooler by the ocean where you are. It's also very lovely with all the boats. I would certainly do the same if I lived as close as you do!