Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mini Heart Bunting Valentine Cards & One For You

Valentine Heart Bunting Cards

Each year the kids and I have fun making valentine cards to give away to friends and family and in addition to this we decided that it would be fun to participate in a valentine card swap this year as well that will provide us with oodles of mail which is just plain fun anytime.

What I hadn't anticipated was making 38 cards! Yes, that was definitely more than I ever could have imagined but creating things with the kids is always fun :)

Sewing Mini Bunting

I love making bunting and my daughter always wants to use my sewing machine so I thought I'd combine the two together and so our little mini heart bunting cards came to life :)

We started by cutting out little rectangles of burlap fabric slightly smaller than the face of our cards and pulled out a few threads from each of the sides to give it a frayed appearance. Then between the two of us we traced over 120 miniature little hearts onto the paper side of some Heat n Bond paper that we would later iron onto an assortment of red fabrics.

With our hearts traced, ironed onto our fabrics, cut out and then permanently affixed to the top of our burlap rectangles in a semi circle formation it was time to get stitching!

Mini Heart Bunting

Using a nice bright red thread my daughter stitched on the string for our bunting so that it no longer looked like our hearts were just floating all alone finishing the mini heart bunting...


And then she took each of the finished burlap rectangles and stitched each of them to the front side of each of our little note cards. So much more simpler than mucking around with glue and then waiting for everything to dry! Plus getting to use mama's sewing machine is always such a treat :)

Valentine Heart Bunting Cards

I just love how they turned out with their little red stitching from the sewing machine and I was so happy that my daughter had so much fun sewing them. Originally I thought that she would maybe make it through half of the cards we had to make but she just wanted to keep sewing and sewing which actually turned out to be a good thing because we now have extras to share with you!

So if you or your children would like a little surprise Valentine card sent to you in the mail just let me now in the comments below and make sure you leave me a way to get in contact with you for your address :)

The first five commenters will have one personally sent to you by my happy heart stitcher *grin*.

All of the Valentine cards have now been spoken for :)



FrontierDreams said...

Those are so sweet! I am so happy you shared with us on KCCO!

ericaaa said...
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ericaaa said...


I adore those cards! They are gorgeous and I would love one for my 3 year old daughter. My email address is:

Erica (

georgiawaldorf said...

Those are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. georgiawaldorf (@) gmail. (com).

Amy Friend said...

Oh, those are just adorable! I love that you use burlap often because I adore it. Your little stitcher has done a wonderful job too! My, my, her stitches are so nice and straight. Make sure you tell her that I am impressed.

Justine said...

Looks like we missed out :(
Beautiful cards as always Rosina. You are one amazing lady!! Hope you and your are having a blessed New Year

Vicki said...

Very cute cards!

Unknown said...

Those are so sweet! I especially love the burlap!

Dana said...

Very cute - even if we weren't the top 5. I hope my little girl still wants to sew when she's a bit bigger!

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Thanks everyone for all of the lovely comments :) Rosina

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Too cute Rosy!! You always come up with the cutest projects with your kiddos!

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