Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's Get Planting!

Tomato Seeds

It's that time of year. The days are slowly getting longer, the sun is peaking out a wee bit more and I feel the bloom of spring just itching to burst forth from the soil *grin*.

I know, it's barely the middle of February and we could get snow and frozen temperatures at any minute but I can't help myself but want to will spring to come now. So to fill the time until it finally does appear I pulled out my box of seed packets to see what I had, what is needed and to sort out all of my tomato seeds because it's time to get planting :)

Soaking my jiffies

Our growing season is wet, cool and rather short so anything I can do to help things speed along a little quicker before it's time to get things in the ground outdoors is always welcome. Last summer you probably remember that Hubby built me a little greenhouse and it will be perfect for growing an early crop of tomatoes in. So I pulled out what I had left of my little jiffy seven peat pots and soaked them in some nice hot water to puff them up for planting.

Planting tomatoes

I planted Bonny Best, Italian Paste, German Red Strawberry, Polish Paste, and Rocket so far but I also need to start some Black Krim which is a wonderful meaty heirloom variety that we love for sandwiches.

You can find some of them in my favorite seed catalogues like West Coast Seeds, Seeds of Victoria, Salt Spring Seeds and of course all of the wonderful ones I find every year at the various Seedy Saturdays (click for listings) scattered over the island :)

With my little seeds tucked away in a nice dark spot itching to sprout they will be all ready to harden off in the greenhouse nice and early so we can make the most of this summer. I can't wait!



charlotte said...

I love sowing seeds too. I have learnt by past mistakes not to get going to early with my eagerness. The ground here is frozen solid at the moment! Your little seed pots are very encouraging that spring is on it's way.

Jennifer Hoots said...

You are always so diligent in this area! I can't wait to see your beautiful plants.

Lynn said...

Oh how fun! I hope to get planting some of my stuff too soon.


Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Planting has been on my mind too!!! It has been so warm lately where I live, that it feels like May. I keep forgetting it could still get cold again. Good luck with your tomatoes, I can't wait to see your green house . . .
Cheers ~ Marica

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