Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekending & Happy Mother's Day

Cherry Blossoms & Tulips

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!
The kids surprised me this morning with little pencil drawn cards chock full of xoxo's and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Oh it smells and looks just wonderful and it was such a treat :)

Coombs Country Market

I can't believe it has been a week since I was last here! Hubby was home most of the week so we did a lot of work around the yard but it also gave me a chance to take a special trip down island with just my mom. An early mother's day outing you could say :)

We ended up in Coombs which is such a fun place to visit. Every spring they open up their little garden nursery full of super healthy looking veg starters, herbs and perennials...


and there is all of the great fresh fruits and vegetables in the market along with dishes, textiles and more. We had lunch at the restaurant and then slowly made our way back up north. I can't remember the last time we had a mother daughter day without the children, just the two of us :) It was really nice.

New Storm Door

Back on the home front our house has been getting some attention. I finally got a new storm/screen door. Yay :)

The old one had an unfortunate incident with a mad one horned goat on a rampage and by the time he was done head butting it only the frame of the door was left. Yes it's true... not a stitch of screen or glass left *grin*. I can look back on it now and have a good laugh but in the heat of the moment you can be sure I was not impressed *grin*.

We have a great re-use store located in the next town that is operated by Habitat for Humanity and people donate all sorts of used building supplies that the sell to raise funds for building new homes for those in need and that is where I finally found my new to me screen door :) Can you believe that I got it for only $20!! All it needs is the screen repaired which is super easy and all of the glass and paint is pretty much like new!

Tools of the Trade

The old railing around our sundeck came down this weekend to. It was in really rough shape. Most of it was rotten and the giant juniper hedge growing around it had wound itself through many of the spaces in the boards so hubby had to bring out the big tools to rip it down. Why use a hammer when you can use a chainsaw :)

So with the deck down this is going to be the future spot of my new greenhouse :) Hubby's been working on plans, figuring out measurements for fitting in the windows and how to make it all work when it's only going to be 8 x 11 feet.

Milled Cedar

And to top it all off my dad surprised us with a whole bunch of rough cut cedar that he hand cut on his mill :) This is such a blessing! It will save us so much money and I love the skookum size of the big 2 x 6's. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be done and ready to use by the beginning of next month :)

Campfire in a Can

Camping season is inching ever closer as well and every summer we have strict campfire bans here on the island which is no fun. So this year we purchased one of the new propane fire pits that have a low flame, throw off a nice bit of heat, don't spark like a normal campfire and they are allowed during the fire bans :)

Hubby wanted to try it out so we had it set up on the front porch and it really will be nice to use it this summer because sitting around an empty fire pit in the evenings while camping is just not fun!

Hope you all had a great weekend :)



Sandpiper said...

Your screen door looks great! We need one on our back door too. How exciting to get a greenhouse! And I'll have to look into one of those fire pits. It certainly is a bummer when you can' have a fire while camping.
Have a great week!

Unknown said...

What a great store to have near you...but I must say the head butting goat on a rampage was my favorite part...LMAO.
I am very green with envy on the green house and the chain saw hubby. Mine only doe's project when I threaten him with his own power tools. I think he is a tool collector not a tool user.
So sorry about the fire pit ban but it looks like you have that solved. We are such big campers...well were getting ready to do it full time...I don't know how we could survive without our crackling fire at night.

GianneCurry said...

Replied to your comment on Thanks for stopping by!!


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