Sunday, May 22, 2011

Once Was Not Enough!

Our Home Away From Home

Well we're at it again!
Right after I shared with you photos of our trip to Loveland Bay we ran out the door to do some more camping *grin*. We made the quick pit stop home to do some laundry, shower, download the photos and off we went to another forestry campground :)

Winding along the cliff

This time we made our way out to Pye Lake. It's another hidden spot about thirty minutes off road. This stretch on the logging road out to the lake winds along a rock cliff and a very steep drop off into the lake waaay below. To make it a little on the scary side it is barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass side by side let alone two truck and trailers like ours.

Unfortunately for us we met someone on it on our way home and as I looked out the passenger window and couldn't see the shoulder of the road below I was wishing desperately that I was on the rocky side rather than the cliff side *grin*.

Pye Beach

When we arrived at the lake we couldn't believe our luck! The best spot right in front of the beach was open and there was only one other camper there. We thought for sure it was going to be busier with the long weekend going on :)

Pye Lake

The good weather was still with us and the sun was shining good and hot so the kids got to head down to the beach for some fun.

Fun in the Sun

I love this spot. There is a really nice sandy beach and it is shallow for a long way so you can wander out into the lake and not worry about any drop offs unlike some of the other spots we camp at. It definitely puts any mama worries to rest!


K found the water guns in the toy bag and a full on water fight began :)


They must have played in the water for most of the afternoon which was lucky for them as the weather turned the next day and we got a mix of cloud, wind and rainy drizzle. Not enough to make us want to go home but enough to keep them out of the water for the rest of our trip.

Our Home Away From Home

It has been like a mini holiday!

Mmm, dinner :)

One whole week camping, hanging out with friends, playing in the lakes and yummy barbecued dinners, breakfasts & lunches *grin*. I don't know what day summer officially starts but I think it's happening here :)



Jenn4him said...

It is addictive, isn't it? :-) We leave on Friday for "our" lake.

R. Neafus said...

It sure looks like a fun trip...must be warming up or was the water still a bit chilly? Was it a holiday for you all,you mentioned a three day weekend?
I sure hope we find some time to go our cabin soon. We haven't had much time and it has rained for what seems like forever! I am ready for summer and some lazy days.

Sandpiper said...

Is that grilled zucchini? I love grilled zucchini!
We're going camping in June. It will be our first time with 7 kids! I'm not sure how relaxing it will be, but i"m still looking forward to it.

Queen of the Nook said...

My husband's parents both worked at a school (his mom was a teacher and his dad was the technology coordinator). They would leave their home in California the day after school let out and head across country to Ontario, Canada where his mom's family live. They made stops all along the way and it lasted all Summer. We dream of the day we can do the same with our kids!