Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Baby Chicks

Our girls are growing so quickly!
They will be three weeks old on thursday and as you can see they are definitely much larger than those little fluff balls that fit perfectly into small hands only days before :)

Dandy Long Neck

The kids thought they looked a little bit like ugly ducklings today *grin*. Their fluffy down is being replaced by feathers and the transition is so interesting to watch :) This little girl must have felt small today as she kept stretching as tall as she could!


We brought a couple of them into the house today and set a towel down on the living room floor so that they could roam around a bit. They really seemed to love my daughter and gravitated straight for her...


She's like the chick whisperer *grin*, and the boys were just a tad jealous of all the attention she was getting LOL.


It's a little bittersweet to see them maturing so quickly but then again I am really looking forward to all of those fresh eggs!


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Paula said...

They do get kind of ugly between fluff and feathers and then again when they molt and get new feathers. Soon they won't be little chicks any more, they will be hens.