Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Van Isle 360 Yacht Race

VanIsle 360

I had completely forgot that the annual Van Isle 360 International Yacht Race was happening right now, so we were pleasantly surprised when on our way home we came upon a large group of sailboats or racing yachts as they are being called heading north towards Campbell River :)

VanIsle 360

Apparently this year is their 10th anniversary of the beginning of the race and what makes it one of the most unique races anywhere is that during their journey between Campbell River and Telegraph Cove they actually have a layover near Hardwicke Island where all of the boats tie onto Marine Harvest Canada's fish farm pens! Now that must be an interesting sight to see!

VanIsle 360

They couldn't ask for better weather either with all of the sunshine and clear skies! Check out the first photo and you can actually see some of the crew members on the Time Bandit sitting with their legs dangling over the side of the boat :)

~ Rosina

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