Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Butterfly Stalker


My daughter is a very persistent butterfly stalker always waiting in the garden behind a pretty clump of flowers just waiting to try and catch the elusive butterfly *grin*. Be warned though that her mood turns sour very quickly if she has to run around the yard to many times with no catching success! LOL.

Butterfly Net

And there she goes!
She did make one really cool find of what we originally thought was a moth in the first photo. It appears though that it is actually a Swallowtail Butterfly and from what I could find in my nature guides it may be Clodius Parnassian (Parnassius clodius) which apparently is one of three Parnassians that are found here on Vancouver Island.

If you are reading this and can let me know if I'm correct or if you know what it really is I would love to know!

~ Rosina

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