Friday, June 3, 2011

Coffee & Danger

Coffee Break

I don't drink coffee in the morning very often but by about 3pm I am craving it something fierce! It doesn't matter what's going on around the house or what we're in the middle of. If it's time for an afternoon coffee break everything grinds to a halt *grin*.

Not so dangerous now

So today I thought I'd make a pumpkin cake with some of my home canned pumpkin spears, a sprinkle of walnuts and chocolate topped with a bit of icing as a special treat for coffee time :)

I had my hands full of magazines to show my mom and my camera when we left home so I got my oldest to carry up the cake and I couldn't help but giggle and snap a few pictures of him when I saw what was hanging out of his pocket...

The Dangerous Book for Boys

his new copy of the Dangerous Book for Boys.

I found it at the thrift store the other day and knew he would love it. It's full of how to's on making bows and arrows, constructing tree forts, silly tricks, playing marbles, setting trip wires, building catapults, using swiss army knives and more.

So there he was, my wanna be dangerous boy, carrying the cake in his hands, a coil of rope slung over one shoulder and his handbook hanging out of his pocket :)

Coffee Break

While my mom and I enjoyed our coffee and cake the kids gobbled theirs and ran off to play. They had more important things to do like ride bikes...

Knot Tying

and learn to tie a better knot :)

I just know he's going to use his little brother as a guinea pig. Plus I think sometimes he secretly wishes he could tie him up so that he could have a moment without him asking a million questions or wanting to play with his toys *grin*. I just may have to teach the little guy how to chew through a knot! LOL.

Happy weekend!!


Jennifer Hoots said...

I think that cake looks most dangerous! :-)

Sandpiper said...

Can I just say that I LOVE that mug! My boys have that book too, it's great!

Dana said...

I have that book just WAITING for my little guy to grow a little more. Such fun. I loved the comment about the rope over one shoulder too.

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

We bought that book for oldest grandson many years ago,they also have one for girls too.
Now my middle grandson is totally into survival. He watches all the shows on Discovery Channel.When I told him one day about the book his brother should still have you would thought I'd discovered buried treasure.It is a great book,your son will have hours of fun!!

Unknown said...

OH coffee and pumpkin cake...I am so there.
Alex has the book too...we spent our camping trip playing poker...I think its page 195...not sure on that.