Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dream Bathroom Makeovers

Amazing Bathroom

I'm toying with the idea of giving my bathroom a total overhaul since it's sort of stuck in the 1960's. You know, the time when everyone was totally nuts over harvest gold, avocado greens and dusty rose colors for all of their bathroom fixtures. Well I've got a lovely shade of pink for the tub, toilet & sinks and it's really got to go!

I want classic white, maybe a touch of the new and totally hot greens that are out there with some subtle turquoise accents perhaps? Oh heck I'd love to knock out some walls and expand it twice the size, have one of those super roomy bathrooms with built in sitting areas *grin*. I'll have no need to ever leave it! LOL.

The top photo is just stunning. I love all of the white, the touches of nature that they brought in and do you see the glass paneled floor around the tub? It looks like it is filled with grass and flora. So beautiful :) And oh look there in the lower left hand corner is my sitting area *grin*. Those lucite chairs seem to be everywhere these days to! I'm not totally sold on them but they do give the illusion of more room which is neat.

Circular Shower Room

I also found this circular shower. I know I don't have enough room to add this in addition to a bathtub but I can just imagine having it with that heavenly rain shower head in the center and maybe some hydromassage shower heads for the others around the perimeter for an utterly relaxing spa treatment every morning. Ahh, to dream :)

To see more photos of the top bathroom visit and the shower is from Euro Bath & Tile.

~ Rosina


Jennifer Hoots said...

I'd like to see the price of that bathroom first! I don't think I'd like to keep it clean, either. I am a very practical person, I guess. If it isn't broke, don't fix it! But, having a dream is not a bad thing, so I say go for it.
Jenn :-)

Sandpiper said...

If I had a shower like that, I'd never come out! I'd be a wrinkled prune! LOL!