Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Canada Day

Canada Day

Happy belated Canada Day!!!


This year we decided to skip town and head out to the Quinsam Campground for Canada Day :) I'm just loving all of the great local campsites nearby that teleport you directly into nature. Not just those seaside campgrounds with open fields and cramped quarters amongst the 1oo's....


No, these spots are in densely forested areas with plenty of space between you and your neighbors and plenty of critters to spy on *grin*. And it just happened that this one was a huckleberry goldmine! As soon as the kids spotted them they were running with bowls picking them for their dessert, not to many actually lasted until dessert time though LOL.

Canada Day

On Canada Day we headed into town to take in some of the festivities. There were tons of vendors along the foreshore with crafts, food, face painting and more.

Canada Day Parade

After scorching ourselves in the sun for a couple of hours we found some shade by the fisherman's wharf and waited for the parade to start : )

Canada Day Parade

Canada Day Parade

It's Smokey the Bear! Remember 'Only YOU can prevent forest fires'

Canada Day Parade

These girls were hilarious in their bumper boats! I think they were part of the swimming pool float. You can see more photos of the parade HERE.

O Canada

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day!

~ Rosina

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Jennifer Hoots said...

Love a good parade! We get to go to one tomorrow morning. Fun!