Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nature Outing Fun

Mack Laing Park4 2009

We finally made it out to one of the weekly nature walks that we participate in and we couldn't have asked for better weather! Thoroughly coated in suntan lotion we headed down the wooded path of the Mack Laing nature park.

Mack Laing Park2 2009

The trail winds along a little stream and it was so cute to see my two boys holding hands as they made their way towards the beach :)

Mack Laing Park6 2009

As we came out of the woods we were greeted by the scorching 32 degree heat and the magnificent views of the mountains and ocean. There's a great little boardwalk in front of the original homestead where you can look out over the marshy area and do a little bird watching but today it was all about the beach *grin*.

Mack Laing Park7 2009

The group of children combed the rocky beach in search of crabs, shells and other signs of sea life....

Mack Laing Park14 2009

and what would a trip to the beach be without a little water play! I swear if there is even a trickle of water nearby they're all in it. LOL. I'll admit it was a perfect way though to keep cool in the heat and some of the children were more than slightly wet when we started to head back up the trail *grin*.

Mack Laing Park13 2009

L wanted to sport her new polka dot wellies even though I warned her they would probably get wet inside and I was right. She ended up filling them to the brims with sea water as she puddled around in the shallows ;) How come no one ever wants to take moms advice?!

Can't wait for next week as we head out to another great trail :)


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