Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camping at Miracle Beach

miracle beach 2009

Monday morning we packed up our travel trailer and headed out for a little bit of camping fun :) My oldest son had to be down island for his last art class and we thought since we were going to be passing right by Miracle Beach Provincial Park and Campground we'd make an outing of it and swing in for the night!

This time of year it is still fairly quiet during the week since the school children are not quite out for the summer which pretty much gave us pick of the park *grin*. We opted for a spot right in front of the playground so that M who's 3 years old could run back and forth and I wouldn't have to worry about him :)

miracle beach 2009

We were pleasantly surprised that right behind us was another family with 3 children and wouldn't you know it, they were homeschoolers to! The kids hit it off right away and spent every spare minute together that wasn't consumed by eating or sleeping. LOL. Above is L heading out for a bike ride with her new friends :)

miracle beach 2009

In the morning before we had to head home again we thought we'd trek down to the beach....

miracle beach 2009

and catch a little bit of the ultra low tide that was happening. There was glorious sand as far as the eye could see :)

miracle beach 2009

The rainy weather held off just long enough for us to do a little tide pool exploring, sand castle building...

miracle beach 2009

and just general mucking about :)

I don't know what it is about Miracle Beach but I could spend weeks on end there camping and lazing on the beach!! Maybe it just reminds me a lot of home, in the bush, with all of the wonderful fir, hemlock, alder and cedar trees looming above me. I'm such a backwoods girl! Just get rid of all the mosquitoes and I would be happy as a clam. LOL.

Where are you going camping this year?

~ Rosina

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Jennifer Hoots said...

That looks like an excellent park to camp at. We, as you know, are camping at Lake Michigan a lot this summer. We head up next Sunday for a week! A week in a tent!