Friday, March 13, 2009

Quill Pens & Ships Logs

We had a super fun day today exploring at the museum and learning all about the explorer Captain George Vancouver. The highlight of the trip was the quill writing activity that the kids got to try. What fun!!

Using goose feathers that had been boiled to clean and remove any oils from them and then shaped and cut to form a quill tip, we got to try writing ships logs just like the explorers would have done :) They're definitely not as easy to use as they look! We're hooked though and are going to go and scour our goose's pen and see if we can find any large feathers to make some of our own. Maybe while we're at it we'll try making some walnut ink to *grin*.

We've got a great little book called The Diary of an Early American Boy that has all sorts of little recipes and tid bits in it and walnut ink is one of them :)

~ Rosina

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