Monday, March 23, 2009

Could This Be A Replacement For The Gocco?


I am totally crazy about the Japanese Print Gocco screen printing machines but have held off on buying one because of all the talk about them being harder and harder to get along with their supplies after Riso announced that they would no longer be making them. I know that there were campaigns to save the gocco & I'm not sure if they were very successful but it sort of put a stop to my screen printing plans :(

I am feeling the bug again though because I just found out that there is a new option instead of the gocco! Provocraft has a screen printing machine called YUDU that is similar to the Gocco as it is an all in one type machine. What really appeals to me is the fact that I can create my own image and make a screen in a matter of minutes without the need for light tables or mixing chemicals together!

Another perk to this machine is its size. Apparently it can print up to 11" x 14"!! WOW, now that is big, especially when the largest gocco only has a print area of roughly 7" x 9". You can find them at the YUDU website, Michaels, JoAnn's, A.C. Moore, and HSN which actually has customer reviews, both good and bad. It's selling for around $279.00 so I better save my pennies if I really want one *grin*, but it sure does look like fun :)

~ Rosina


Anonymous said...

I have a Yudu & really like it! You can check out my blog of details. :D

sraSEOULee said...

i just found out about gocco recently and REALLY wanted one for 10 sec before i read that it was discontinued *sighhhh*

im debating a yudu but dont know if i should get it. i've never screenprinted or ANYTHING but i really want to try it out. the thing is, im more about paper prints than clothes/etc so i donno....