Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Will You Help Defend Our Coast?


Yesterday on the lawn of the legislature in Victoria there was a giant rally against the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project and the gigantic tankers that want to invade our coastline. People from all over BC and even Canada joined together, 4000 strong, to voice their opposition, their concerns and to send a strong message that our coast is not for sale!

Defend our coast

Unfortunately it was to far from home to attend but tomorrow, October 24th, in communities all over BC protesters are ready to converge on MLA offices far and wide to continue the 'Defend Our Coast' movement and we are going to be there.

Ready to protest

The children worked hard all evening drawing and coloring their posters while we chatted about what all of this means and why it is so important to us...


and tomorrow we're ready rain or shine to join our fellow BC'ers and to keep the momentum of this movement going :) Hope we'll see you there!


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