Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Linking Arms Across The Province

K'omoks Band singing

At noon today 67 communities across BC linked arms to send the message of 'defend our coast' to the government. The K'omoks first nation welcomed everyone and sang...

Defend Our Coast Rally

 while over one hundred protesters took over the top portion of 5th street in front of MLA Don McRae's office. (note: I just read that there were close to 400 protesters!!!)

Quack quack

 He was conveniently absent but that didn't stop everyone from voicing their concerns.

Defend Our Coast Rally

Sue Moen from the Green Party was there to share her opposition...

and the Raging Grannies came up with this clever song :) Way to go ladies!! If you are reading this in your email you will probably have to pop over to my blog to see the video.

First Protest :)

 My little protesters did great at their first rally *grin*. They were waving their signs and singing along despite the rain until we had to leave. You are never to young to get involved :)