Sunday, October 14, 2012

Canning Salmon

Salmon Ready for Canning

 I have literally been going through canned salmon withdrawals ever since I used the last jar in the pantry months ago so when I caught wind that one of the commercial fishermen we know was heading out for an opening I phoned right away and put in my order :)

Silver Bright

 Sockeye and pinks are my salmon of choice but this year they were so scarce you were really hard pressed to find any so I went with chum. 

Salmon Anatomy Lesson

As each fish was brought out to be cleaned the children took part in a bit of an anatomy lesson...

Salmon Anatomy Lesson

learning about their teeth, gills, organs and more :)

Cleaning fish

 Hubby wasn't home for the first batch of fish that I brought home from the dock so I got my oldest son to help with some of the cleaning and then I took over cleaning the last of the fish and filleting them with my dad. That made for a long day as I had to go in the house after to fill the jars and then pressure can them all.


Thankfully he was home yesterday when I brought home 8 more whoppers! They weighed about 12 pounds apiece bringing our total to 13 fish total.

Filleted Salmon and trimmings

This time I just had to wait for the fillets and trimmings so I could take them in for canning. So much less work!

Salmon for the smoker

Poor hubby had a bit of a sore back though from humping over his table all afternoon so we're definitely going to have to do something about that for next time. To make up for it he snagged six of the nicer fillets for smoking...

Smoked Salmon

and today he has them smoking away. Mmmm, I can't wait *grin*.

So with 55 pints of salmon all canned and ready for putting away in the pantry I can officially say I'm done. Until next year that is :)