Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nature Walk ~ Bald Eagle Spotting

Bald Eagle

On our nature walk this week we were treated to a spectacular show of bald headed eagles :) We have a network of trails that wind up the mountain behind our house and to our bottom field and it was down there that we came across a good half dozen of them.

Bald Eagle

A few of them were skittish and flew away but the others that remained eyed us curiously from their tree top perches. I would have loved to have gotten a little closer for a better photo as these ones are a little grainy but my little guy was so busy stomping tracks into the snow that I didn't dare go any further into their comfort zone *grin*.

Animal Tracks

Speaking of tracks we found these great bird tracks!

Now I'm not certain if these were from the eagles but we found them nearby and they look like the tail feathers of a large bird as it sat in the snow. I should have put my hand or shoe by them as they really were quite big. I have never found anything like this before so it was so neat to share it with the children :)


We hung around as long as we could before we became to cold to stay an longer but we got to see a few of them soaring back and forth between different trees and even a few juveniles that joined the older eagles. I wish I could have stayed much longer just admiring their grace and beauty. A true winter treat :)



Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Hi Rosy I'm just now trying to catch back awesome to actually see these eagles in the wild.Your nature walks are simply incredible!!! I always enjoy my visits=) Oh also I saw your valentine that you have on here featuring your childs hand print (like the one you sent to me) on pinterest...I so tickled to see it!

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Wow!!! How neat!!!!!