Saturday, January 14, 2012

Breaking the Silence :)


I apologize for the radio silence that has creeped up over my blog! I seem to have a bit of blogger's block *grin*. It's been pretty quiet around here since the holiday festivities quieted down and we settled back into a familiar rhythm of homeschooling in the morning, farm chores, making every effort to get outdoors each day to take in the beauty around us and spending time making nourishing meals to warm us now that winter has finally made an appearance with snow and freezing temperatures :)


We've had some lovely visits with our closest friends letting the kids have fun playing together and we even hit the skating rink earlier this week :)

Fun at the rink

It was the first time my youngest two children had been on skates so they were so excited. L took to it like it was second nature and took off without any instruction or help of an aid to keep her up while my little guy had fun making ice angels in the middle of the rink and getting pushed around wildly in one of the little kiddy cars they had. Afterwards we surprised the kids with a visit to a nearby coffee shop where they got to have hot chocolate to warm up with and us mamas soaked in the warmth from the fireplace :)

This morning I also had a chance to attend a fantastic seminar by Linda Kane an ICAN Certified Neurodevelopmentalist on effective ways to teach children and she shared all sorts of amazing information on the ways the brain develops in children. Really cool stuff that I'll have to share in another blog post :)



Forest-Dweller said...

My kids have been begging me to take them skating. Its just so awfully expensive here. And I spend the day holding them up as they hold onto the boards slllooowwwwllly making it around. (I use to play Ice Hockey)

Sandpiper said...

We have those exact same walkie talkies!
We go skating every 2nd Friday with our homeschool group. The kids just learned on their own without any lessons!