Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Card

Mother's day is just a couple of sleeps away and it has sort of snuck up on me this year! My kids are not old enough to go out and shop alone for a sure to be loved no matter what it is gift *grin* and with daddy away for work they're definitely going to be coming up with something truly unique! LOL.

Well if you are like me this year and a little behind in the card making or perhaps the hunt for the perfect card, then this super cute squirrel card by A Cagey Bee is just perfect :) I just recently met this wonderful gal through Etsy and she happens to be not to far from me on the mainland of BC. She is offering a free download of her Mother's Day card for anyone who would like to use it and she has a really great blog to if you have time to check it out!

Thanks for sharing it with us :)

~ Rosina

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