Monday, May 11, 2009

Farmer's Market Find

Wool Rovings

I had a lovely Mother's Day. My husband and I, our 3 children and my mom and dad went to Painter's Lodge for their annual Mother's Day brunch buffet that is literally to die for! Anything you could wish for... it was probably there *grin*. We always joke that my 10 year old son has a bottomless pit because he nearly eats us out of house and home but even this had him licked. I wish I had a photo of him at the end of the table after he had finished his 3rd heaping plate full of food. He looked like he might have just rolled off his chair like a drum. LOL.

After brunch we had just enough time to head down to the Campbell River pier to catch the last couple minutes of the Farmer's Market. In my opinion it's not really a true farmer's market since it doesn't have much produce, artisan breads and other farmy by products, but it is loaded with lots of talented crafters! One gal had gorgeous jewelry that I had to pry myself away from but just across the way I ran into a table loaded with wool rovings. Ooooh so soft merrino in the most amazing mossy green color and more :) Darn!! I should have brought more money with me *grin*.

Needle Felting

Where was this table when I was desperately searching for wool 6 months ago?? I just had to grab one of her little needle felting kits to come home and play with :) For five bucks I got 6 bright colors and two felting needles. Not bad at all and I can't wait to dive into it! I've got some more rovings leftover that I had found at Whipple Tree Junction last fall and I may just have to get the kids into the fun and have a little wet felting party with them and make a bunch of felt beads for necklaces :) Oh the endless possibilities of wool!

Pretty Little Felts

I have a copy of Julie Collings book Pretty Little Felts on the bookshelf that is just crying out to be used to so maybe I'll have to use some of my rovings to create some of her sweet little flowers :)

~ Rosina

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