Monday, December 22, 2008

Coth Shopping Bags in the Works

I've been busy busy trying to get my last minute Christmas gifts sewn up :) There were a few special things that I wanted to make for my mom this year and cloth shopping bags were high on my list. She has bought a couple of the ones you pick up at the end of the grocery checkout counter but they are so blah and boring. Personally I would have loved to have made her some lime green ones or bright yellow because I just love those colors but she likes basic black usually so I found this great print at an equally great price and new it would be perfect for her :)

I couldn't leave them just plain though *grin*. So I appliqued some birds onto the front of them for a fun funky look :) I just have to finish sewing the lining in later on today and they'll be ready to be wrapped :)

~ Rosina

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