Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Card Swapping

We are in full Christmas craft mode around our house and a little while back we signed up for a Christmas card swap on the Kids Craft Weekly website. We had to make 10 handmade Christmas cards of any type and send them to 10 random swap partners :) Well we got them all finished and mailed out on time!!

Christmas cards made & mailed...... CHECK *grin*. Eight are on their way to the US, two to the United Kingdom and one to Australia. The kids are super excited to see where we will get ours from :) Now we've got to get back to making our own cards for family! LOL. I've got two more boxes that are ready to be packed and sent off for a Christmas book swap we joined in to, but I've got that one covered and don't actually have to have it mailed until next week so I'm up to speed with that one to :) Can you tell we just LOVE getting mail? *grin*

Are any of you participating in a special Christmas time swap??


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