Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Beach Bums

The view

So where have we been hiding?
Why at the beach of course with nature as our personal playground :)

We've been to a couple of different lakes but I just love being near the ocean and I definitely wasn't disappointed when we found a spot right along the beach.
Surfer Girl

 We enjoyed sunshine and welcomed the cloudy days to recover from the heat..

Seaweed lasso

played with giant bull kelp...

Beach combing

swam in the ocean while tug boats, barges and fishing boats chugged by...
Crab mania

scrounged under the rocks at low tide catching crabs and seeing who was brave enough to hold the big ones that threatened to pink our fingers...

Digging for Clams

dug for clams...

Digging for clams
Cruise Ships

watched the cruise ships float by each evening and slept so deeply after each day of play to the lapping sound of the ocean with the rise and fall of the tides :)

Oh how we are counting the days until Hubby comes home from work again and we can do it all over again *grin*.

How is your summer going? What makes you smile during the summer months?