Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Notes From The Garden

Tomato Seedlings

All of my tomato seedlings I planted February 10th have finally sprouted and are really starting to take off. I was a little worried when only half of the seeds sprouted in the first couple of days after planting and even a week later many had not yet broken through the soil. My seeds are quite old but they all finally popped out of the dirt and their true leaves have appeared. In the next couple of days I'll get them transplanted into larger containers, burying their stems deeply so new roots can grow where the stem is now covered.

Garden March 5th

The last four inches of snow that fell last week has finally melted and I can get out into the garden and start digging again! I can't complain though. The freezing and thawing helps lift the soil and loosen all of the weeds making the job so much easier :) I'm about half way there. Little by little I'm getting it done *grin*.

Seedy Saturday

This weekend was Seedy Saturday and I found all sorts of goodies :)

There were loads of organic and gmo free seeds, mason bee cocoons and their houses, potted plants, fungi plugs, fruit and nut trees, seed potatoes, worm castings and bins, informational seminars and booths and so much more! I love seedy Saturday. I came home with new sprouting seeds, all my favorite salt spring island seeds, garlic heads for spring planting, organic seed potatoes, some really interesting magazines from the Certified Organic Association of BC and more.

Now I just have to map out my garden plan and figure out what I want to start next :)

If you're curious about what other gardeners are up to right now check out Ginny's garden journal link up and I'd love to know what you are planting, digging or dreaming of right now to *grin*.



charlotte said...

Hi Rosy, it's so thriling when those seedlings finally pop up! At the weekend I moved about two tons of poo! I have been so tired since that I have been taking it easy and planting seeds.

Jennifer Hoots said...

Love garden updates!

Karen said...

oh - can't wait to get the seeds started here! Looking forward to seeing what you end planting.

Yes, we do square foot gardening here. Much easier for me to figure out and seems to work well with my raised beds.

Thanks for visiting - love your blog - will have to bop around and see what else you got going!


Unknown said...

You tomatoes look awesome! How very fun!

Karen Sue said...

for the first time in several years, I have started NO SEEDS!! I feel sad about it, but I'm crazy busy at work and my kitchen is in upheaval all over the house, so my growing places are kind of full of other stuff. Thanks for helping me get that growing fever going from long distance!! A lady I work one day a week with had started a ton of stuff and I told her that I hadn't for the first time in a long time and she said, if everything of hers grows, she'll have leftovers!! She has been studying and reading up and trying new things and I could reap the benefits of it. It's nice to have garden friends!!

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