Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garden Update


We are finally seeing some rewards from all of the gardening we have been doing :)


Our broccoli has just exploded this last week with the few days of hot weather we finally got and of course the whole lot of them just happens to be ready at the same time *grin*.


So we've cut all of the larger crowns off and left the side shoots on so that they can grow and provide us with many more harvests throughout the summer.


My peas are not doing to bad but still no flowers. I hope that they will perk up!


It's actually not un-seasonally cool here this June but my beans are definitely not liking all of the wind and rain :) Can you believe that most days we are still running around in our heavy winter coats?!


I'm very excited about my leeks! They are doing really well after being transplanted and I can't wait till they grow big enough to try a few :)


My tomatoes are doing fantastic in their hanging planter bags!! This one is my 'Window Box Roma' and it is covered in lots of little baby romas.


Here's another one of my hanging tomatoes, this one is 'Rocket' and it to is just loaded with little tomatoes :) So far my cabbage isn't forming any heads yet and I'm really not sure what happened to my beets and carrots but it looks like I'm going to have to do some replaning :( The birds have been particularly bad this year eating all the seeds and green shoots so most have been lost. Oh well, I must look on the bright side and be very happy with what is coming *grin*.

How does your garden grow? I'd love to know *grin*.

~ Rosina


Jennifer Hoots said...

Wow, the broccoli looks awesome. I wish I had thought to plant some in the spring. It has been too hot here for the lettuce. We ate another handful of green beans last night. I hope you see some blooms soon. :-)

Kristy said...


Anonymous said...

Here's what's happening in our garden at the moment: our broccoli bolted...so I've mulched it to keep the roots cool, our peas are so on their way out. They are still producing flowers...but the bottom half of most of the plants are brown. Our beans are all in bloom...so any time now. Our tomatoes are all blooming...with a few cherry tomatoes making appearances. Here is what I don't understand - how do you have amazing broccoli...AND tomatoes (which like hot weather?) Our boccoli bolts...you'd think our tomatoes would be going crazy. I so give up... :)

Annie said...

Broccoli is one of my very favourites fresh from the garden! Your garden is looking so good!

kim said...

what a fun blog. your life sounds fun, busy and rewarding. I loved the pics of your garden. wish mine looked like that!

admin said...

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