Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween house

Our Halloween festivities were a smashing success! We decorated cookies, licked our fill of icing off of our fingers and made a Halloween gingerbread house. Who said gingerbread houses are only for Christmas! *grin*

Halloween house

It had never occurred to me to make a little haunted house. The kids did all of the decorating themselves but I just couldn't resist adding a skeleton to the grave :)

Halloween Candy Apples

Of course we had our monstrous candy apples.

Halloween Candy Apple

And talk about perfect, a 'mummy' for the mommy! LOL

The Brain

I am totally thrilled with my finished brain to. It turned out awesome!! The jelly covering oozed & dripped like blood and the parts that fell off gave the perfect effect of blood that was congealing or clotting. It was a perfect treat for Halloween!

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween :)

~ Rosina

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