Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Enlarging Patterns

Oh how I wish all pattern books supplied full size patterns instead of those itty bitty drawings that you need to photocopy and enlarge. My apron pattern for the Amy Butler apron swap just happens to be one of those itty bitty patterns and when I took it in to Staples to have them blow it up 400% there must have been some massive error in their calculations. I got home and pulled out the copies hoping to get straight down to business and found that they weren't big enough. EGAD!

The front panel pieces were supposed to measure 4 5/8" at the top of the waistband but it was only 3" and since I wasn't heading back into town before the mailing date I had to break out the tracing paper and ruler. I can't even remember the last time I had to think really hard about fractions! It probably didn't help that I didn't start working on it until after midnight either. LOL. Thank goodness when I pulled it out again this morning to double check the measurements everything was correct :)

It actually wasn't such a bad job and this way I got to add the seam allowances right into the pattern. Maybe I'll just do them by hand from now on.... then again maybe not *grin*.

~ Rosina

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