Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nine Times The Sun

9 Times the Sun

Nine years old!!! Oh my how I remember her chubby little cheeks as they drooped down over the white swaddling blanket that the nurses handed her to me on the day that she was born. She was so tiny and she shocked us all with her jet black hair that covered her head *grin*. No longer does she have that black hair but she has replaced it with locks down to her bottom :) 

Mini Rainbow Cakes

 Last year I made her a big rainbow layered cake and a few days before her birthday this year she mentioned how it was her favorite cake so I thought it would be fun to make it again but I didn't want it to be a repeat of the last one. So I made mini rainbow cakes using my all time favorite recipe.

Rainbow cake

 One for each of us and it was so much fun to see her smile from ear to ear when she got her very own. They were more work than I had anticipated and they gave me a little grief as I tried to ice them while they swayed dangerously from side to side like they would topple over but the end result made up for all of that. So cute :)

Birthday Sushi

 We are all nuts about sushi around here so on the morning of her birthday L and I worked together to create a huge platter of california rolls, crunchy rolls, ones filled with smoked salmon and more to share at her birthday lunch :)


 We actually had to fend off some sneaky snackers that wanted desperately to sample our sushi before it was time *grin*.

Salmon bites

 My mom made some amazing little salmon bites that she topped with a dill sauce and capers...

 and I had fun creating these fruit kabobs shaped like flowers :) Who knew miniature cookie cutters could do such a great job and I speared the skewers into an upside down half of a watermelon which provided the perfect sturdy base for all of the kabobs.

 The day couldn't have been any better as the sun shined down on us while we ate lunch in the garden :) We played croquet, had fun trying out her new hula hoop...

and you've got to love her fashion sense LOL.
Sneakers and a dress.... at least she left her gumboots at home this time *grin*. 
Oh how I love this little girl.



Amy Friend said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl from mine! She is now as old as my son. Love those rainbow cakes...

verdemama said...

What magnificent cakes! Happy birthday and I love that girl's style ;)

Jennifer Hoots said...

How wonderful! I try not to think of all the years that go by so quickly. How can my little girl be 13? Love the cakes!

Carol G said...

Loved the cake and all the treats you made for your little girl. I remember the boots too. I enjoyed catching up on your blogs from this summer.


Annette said...

That's an amazing cake! Happy birthday to your sweet girl...

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Oh my amazing!!Those cakes would thrill anyone. I'm going to drop a few hints for my up coming birthday. I mean after all, we all have a kid hidden somewehere inside....don't we?