Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hello Fall ~ Apple Picking

Apple Picking

 Fall is definitely settling in for an extended stay :)
The leaves are turning beautiful reds, oranges and golds, the mornings are cool and crisp, even the evening fog that creeps through the fields at dusk has reappeared but the real highlight is that the apples are finally ready!

A tisket a tasket...

 With our baskets in hand we made our way down the lane to the apple trees that my dad has been tending for over a decade.

Apple Picking

 Why is it that the best apples are always out of reach :)

Apple Eye View

 With an apple eye view L got busy picking the biggest apples she could find...


 and passing them down to her brother...

Apple Picking

 who was waiting below hoping to fill up his basket first :)

Apple Picker

 For the really hard to reach apples my dad has this really great tool that has rake like prongs on the tips to catch around the stems of the apples and then it pulls them off the branches and they land gently on the foam pad inside the basket :) So much better than trying to shake them off of the tree *grin*.

Hello Fall!

 The children waddled home under the weight of their apple basket with giant smiles on their faces and thoughts of all the ways that we were going to be able to eat them.


 Apple muffins, apple pancakes, apple slices dipped in nut butter, apple pie...
oh it's apple heaven *grin*.