Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Snow Day

View from my window

The weather man had been hinting that we might be due for a flurry of the white stuff towards the end of this week but I hadn't really given it much heed since his forecast has been a little wonky lately but when I awoke this morning this was what I saw out the kitchen window.

Snow again

I must be being punished for having started turning over the soil in the garden for spring planting to early *grin*. I knew full well that there was still the possibility of frost and snow when I got in there to weed and make the beds but still seeing it covered in 4 inches of fresh snow sort of sucks.


Hubby had to go down to the wharf in the afternoon to check on his tug so we tagged along and enjoyed the scenery. You can't beat the clean, bright look of fresh snow. It just makes everything look so pretty :)


Halfway to our destination we spotted flashing lights from a local police truck and the fire and rescue truck lodged in the ditch. It seems that he had a little incident and slipped off of the road. No one was injured except for maybe their pride.

Fortress Walls

The kids had a blast outdoors building fortresses with giant snowballs for the walls and building snowmen all over the front lawn. The snow was heavy and wet, just the perfect consistency for those lovely 'slush angels' of the wet west coast *grin*. Mega fun was had and now I have 3 sets of sopping wet snow dripping and drying in front of the woodstove :)

How's your weekend shaping up?



Cheryl said...

That's a big flurry! At least the cold will break up your soil that little bit more. Your time wasn't wasted!

Mrs A said...

good grief! That would be a record fall here in the alps! actually we had record rainfall here over the weekend, but its still around 28c during the day! Have fun in the white stuff!

vicky1970 said...

Hi there,
I'm your newest follower and I never see snow..LOL I live in southern Calif. Sometimes I wish I could have a snow day. It's great that you homeschool your kiddos. I teach first and just started blogging. COme on over and visit me I blog about teaching and mommyhood. You might like some of my ideas.
Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

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