Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flight of the Dragon

Dragon Kite

A couple of weeks ago the kids spotted some really cool giant kites at Costco and decided that mama just had to get one for them. They actually wanted one each but I managed to get them down to just one and home we came with a very colorful dragon :)

Lift Off

When I said giant I wasn't kidding either! Just getting the thing off the ground with its 6 foot wing span was a two man operation with one holding the kite so it was ready to go when the wind gusted and the other was in charge of tugging the line and guiding it up into the air.

Dragon Kite

It took us several failed attempts to get the hang of coaxing our dragon higher into the air and finding out the hard way as it nose dived back to earth that we were going to need a much windier day to really get it high up but when it did soar above us it was so much fun :)

After about an hour and a half of running and laughing we had snow in our boots or soaked running shoes in my case from trodding through the field and the little guy even fell over at one point tripping on the uneven ground as he took his turn pulling the kite. Thankfully he didn't fall into one of the many cow patties that littered the area like land mines *grin*.

With all of us tuckered out and getting cold we spent the rest of the afternoon warming up in front of the fireplace and munching on warm cinnamon buns that my mom had made and shared with us. Mmmm, now that's one lovely way to spend a Sunday :)



Cheryl said...

What a fabulous kite! I think you were right sticking to one kite. Great way to tire them all out.

Unknown said...

Wow that's one awesome kite!! What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

Jennifer Hoots said...

So colorful!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! My 5-year-old would do just about anything to get a kite-dragon combo like that!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful kite. I bet you had many onlookers.

angelina said...

that is a beautiful kite. my son would love it. its a peaceful thing, kite flying. old timey, like a yoyo. x

verdemama said...

Oooh, that is a kite my daughters would love. How fun!

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Thanks everyone for all of the lovely comments :) We haven't had a stitch of wind since we were out there and the kids are just dying to try it again *grin*.