Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snow & Winter Storms


Wind storms, power outages and snow are back as winter creeps closer :)

On our way into the city for swimming lessons this morning I creeped along through slush and a mini blizzard for nearly an hour before it finally turned to rain again. Thank goodness we were behind the snow plow for part of the way so that we had a somewhat clear lane. I am so envious of those of you who have squeaky dry snow for traveling on. It seriously makes such a big difference *grin*. If hubby could run his tugboats on the prairie I think I'd head eastwards LOL.


As we traveled further south the snow and slush disappeared and the white gave way to dark gray clouds, wild wind and waves.


We stopped at one of the rest stops and joined in with some other storm watchers to snap a few photos but we weren't brave enough to actually exit the car to catch the perfect shot of the waves though. We barely managed to keep the window down as the rain blew in sideways and soaked us immediately LOL.

Winter Storm

It was beautiful to watch the waves crash against the beach spraying water and sea foam into the air and we managed to miss the power outage that was going on at home to :)



Lynn said...

oh wow! Looks like quite a day. Glad you stayed safe. Beautiful pictures.


charlotte said...

wow, looks totally amazing!

nunu said...

brrrr!!! i would die. when it's 72 degrees i need to wear long pants and a sweater.

Tonya said...

So beautiful! But such a pain. Thankfully we haven't really had any snow as of yet. Just a dusting, but it didn't stay long. Stay safe!

Cheryl said...

My children are wishing for snow. I think you are so good not to let the snow stop you going places.