Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Tree Art Fun

Fall Tree Art

The weather has been absolutely miserable here for the last week so we've been bringing the outdoors in and we tried making some of the fall trees I saw over at the artist woman using watercolors, acrylic paint, straws and pointillism :)

Blowing Paint

Remember a couple of days ago I had mentioned I was going to let the kids blow paint through straws and cross my fingers that it didn't end up splattered all over the walls? Well it all turned out good and boy was it fun!! If you take some regular acrylic paint and thin it out with tap water to a runny ink like consistency you can actually drop it onto your paper in a blob and blow it all across your page to create tree trunk forms :)It's really cool to watch it streak along and branch off in different directions. The key we found to nice smooth branches was to make sure that we didn't drag our straw along through the paint as we blew. This made the shapes thicker and more blobby. And of course try not to drool through the straw as you blow LOL.

Fall Tree Art

After we let our tree trunks dry we randomly dotted fall colors using q-tips to our branches creating fun fall colors :)

Fall Tree Art

They're going to look great hanging on the wall when they're all dry :)

What fall art projects have you been doing?


nunu said...

these are beautiful! i just love kid made art!

Gail said...

Hey Rosy,
The trees look great, so glad you had success with the project. As far as the drool, well even the Grade 3's have to deal with that, especially if they have colds! Was checking out your paperbag Valentine books, awesome! I love paperbag books.
Take care and thanks so much for the link.

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

The paintings are beautiful . . . what a fun project!!