Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Fall Garden...


is growing strong :)

It is such a treat to pull open my creaking and quite visibly crooked garden gate with my kitchen bowl in one hand and a the warm fingers of my little one in the other as we tromp together through the weeds and grass that have now taken over the paths between the rows and search for the delicious treats that are waiting beneath their coverings.


We have been enjoying the extra beets I planted this summer immensely! Oh my goodness are they yummy. All of the children love them so I've been boiling them up by the pot full for our dinners and eating the leftovers cold in salads and the turnips are a special treat for me :)

The cold weather has begun here and the temperatures have been dropping to just above freezing or slightly below at night. The perfect temperatures to sweeten them up just right. Who new one could get so giddy over vegetables *grin*.


Along with the vegetables there are a few flowers and herbs still thriving. One of my favorite herbs is my Mullein (verbasacum) with it's giant fuzzy leaves and towering spears of little yellow flowers reaching for the sky. The kids love to pick the leaves and rub them on their cheeks as they are just as soft as a bunnies ear :)

They are a wonderful herb for coughs and asthma to. The leaves and flowers contain mucilage which can be very helpful in soothing coughs and acting as an anti-inflammatory for the lungs. I myself make a tea from the dried leaves and flowers and drink it to help with my own asthma :) Another wonderful thing to make with it is to make an oil with the flowers to treat earaches. So many wonderful uses and it self sews rapidly providing fuzzy leaves the first year and flower spears the second year :)


Do you have a fall garden planted? What sort of vegetables are you growing?



charlotte said...

I love my veggie garden, but I don't manage it all year round. Your effoerts are looking amazing! This week I have been planting bulbs ready for spring. x x x

Sandpiper said...

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of turnips. That herb sounds amazing. I find the medicinal qualities of herb fascinating.
We've had some sunny days this week, but it rained all day today.

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Mmm wonderful, lately I have been adding chard to everything possible . . . A knew thing to me, is the kids have been eating fresh sunflower seeds out of the growing sunflowers themselves . . . I love this time of year : )

house full of jays said...

Mmm, beats are such a hit here, too. We have to do our final pull up in the garden this weekend. Hoping we can enjoy a few last homegrown meals before the snow hits!

Anonymous said...

Our beets never do well...but I keep planting them because I LOVE them; roasted up a batch today. :) I sowed mullein from seed this past year and it got big, spread, and was beautiful. I can't WAIT for the flowers next year. With Isaac's breathing issues and his history of ear infections...I knew it HAD to go into my medicinal garden. xo

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

We don't have a fall garden, but we are enjoying root vegetables right now in abundance!! I understand the excitement of harvesting from your garden. My husband and I were the same way all two kids,soooo much fun!!!