Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Breathing in Beauty

Off to work

Being by the ocean has to be my most favorite spot to be :)
Yesterday I had one of those rare moments when it was just me, myself and I so instead of catching up on housework that I probably should have been doing I surrendered to the call of the ocean *grin*.


I took my mom with me, a steaming hot cup of coffee, my camera and we just sat and sucked in the beauty around us. Can you truly ever tire of the sound of the waves lapping at the wooden pilings under the wharf, the smell of salt and seaweed or the brisk wind that blows stray wisps of hair around?


When we arrived we were blanketed in a thick bank of fog but as it rolled further away we were greeted by the passing splashes of a pod of dolphins and the cries of the gulls as they soared along the air currents.


The surrounding mountains and islands appeared again...

Squamish Warrior

and the tug boats and fishing vessels became more than just moving gray shadows and echoes of diesel engines.


Definitely a truly wonderful way to spend an afternoon :) How about you, where is your favorite place to relax and breathe in beauty?



Mrs A said...

fabulous scenery around where you live, looks so beautiful!

anushka said...

mmmm.... what a great afternoon you had! i love the ocean too and it is definitely my top place to be. i do love the mountains too and when the two are combined i'm in heaven. great imagery and words rosina!

Dana said...

I love just about anywhere outdoors, but we live on the shore of Lake Michigan, so that is a lovely place to go and find a dune to sit on. I also have a favorite lake in northern Minnesota...I dream of a summer afternoon (or week) there...

Sandpiper said...

Oh what lovely pictures! I love to be by the ocean too, I find it very peaceful.

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

As the sun goes down we love to take a glass of wine and head out back on our deck to listen to nature and watch as woodland animals start to venture out from the creek. No talking, no TV, no phones....just nature...time to recharge our human batteries!!
I loved the photos!!! Keep them coming such a treat to see your surroundings!