Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake

Today we celebrated L's 7th birthday.
Her actual birthday was last Wednesday but with my dad being in the hospital and all of us spending so much time with him we thought that it would be best to postpone her party so that we could really make it special for her and I think I succeeded :)

Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a fun cake for her along a princess theme and I had previously done the castle cakes with towers so this time I thought I'd experiment with fondant. Now that is some fun stuff!

I baked a chocolate cake for the two layers and then rolled out a large sheet of the white fondant and popped it over the base of the cake. It went on so nice and smooth and it just took on the circular shape without much effort at all :) For the castle top I worked in some pink gel food coloring into the remaining fondant and then rolled out another rectangular strip to wrap around the top layer of the cake. I put a dollop of icing in the top of the base layer in the center and placed the second cake on top of it and then wrapped the pink castle tower shaped fondant around it and inserted another circular piece of pink fondant inside the top so that it was completely covered.

For the circular embellishments all around the bottom I just used various small objects I found around the kitchen for the circles and when you dampen the backside of the fondant it instantly becomes tacky so that you can just press the shapes onto the other fondant and they stick like glue.

Of course I couldn't resist making matching miniature bunting flags to adorn the top of the cake to go with the larger set of special birthday bunting that I made for her just days before :) It turned out so cute!

L's Birthday

The weather cooperated beautifully and the rain held off long enough so that we could have her party out in the gazebo like we do every year :) With the amount of food my mom and I made you would have thought the entire neighborhood was coming but it was only the six of us *grin*.

Strawberry Umbrella Garnish

There we were outside in the garden sipping raspberry spritzers with little strawberry & umbrella garnishes...

Ice cream cake cone

and nibbling on our ice cream cake cones *grin*.
L was definitely one happy birthday girl :)

~ Rosina


Mica said...
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Mica said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter... It looks like it was a magical day. Your a great Mama to do all that sweet crafty stuff and I love the cake too!!!Hope her day was WONDERFUL!!!


P.S Glad to hear your dadis doing well. HUGS!!!

Laura said...

Impressive cake work! And the mini flags were a nice touch. Someday I might attempt drink garnishes. So pretty and fancy!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

That cake is the sweetest thing ever. Love it!

Martina said...

Gorgeous cake . i want one for my birthday!